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What's glass made up of?

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How to maintain the window right?

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Parallel slide and tilt door PSK


Parallel slide and tilt door PSK|82 is based on the window system AS|82. A Large selection of colors and wood finishes for a individual design of the element. At the same time, the versatile vent seal and different security levels offer optimum comfort and safety.


  • 82 mm total depth
  • Twofold sealing system
  • Heat permeability value to DIN EN 12412-2 (Vf=1,83 (ave. ger. Uf-value) W/m²K)*
  • Best tightness and sound insulation values
  • Forced-entry resistant to DIN V ENV 1627-1630
  • Security up to resistance class 2 (WK2)
  • Basic security standard
  • Sliding sash in tilt position secured against sliding
Sound proof
  • Sound insulation to DIN EN 20140
  • Sound proofing up to level 4 (up to Rw,P=44 dB)*
  • Stop seal inside and outside
  • ​Enables not only the opening type "tilt" but also the stoppage and the sliding of a window sash.
  • Fittings either for 2- to 4-sash PSK-elements
  • Sash and frame profiles as a multi-chamber system - improvement of stability and heat insulation of the elements
  • Flat, barrier free threshold
  • Maximum unit stability through large steel reinforcing profiles with wall thicknesses up to 3 mm
  • Multi-chamber technology in all construction details
  • Air permeability class 4 to DIN EN 12207 (stress group C)
  • An innovative sealing system guarantees maximum wind and driving rain tightness and optimum sound insulation.

Glass and glazing bars

Insulated glass / double
thermal insulation
Ug = 1,1 W/m²K
Insulated glass / triple
thermal insulation Plus
Ug = 0,7 W/m²K
Ug = 0,6 W/m²K
Insulated glass / double
burglary resistant
Ug = 1,1 W/m²K
Insulated glass / double
thermal- and
sound insulation
Ug = 1,1 W/m²K

Bars internal

Bars glued on
with Wiener Kern

Glass-dividing bars

The colors of the tocana
for your home.

windows and doors
with wooden look.


Your home turns colorful.
windows and doors
with RAL-like colors.


Awarded with the "German Design Award" for innovative product design.

Entrance door panels - first class quality and easy-care longevity.

ISOGON has DIN EN ISO 9001 certified quality management system

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