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What's a vapor barrier?

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Our windows protect the environment

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ESB 100% green energy

The force of nature - completely carbon neutral.
Green electricity from ESB is gained 100% from hydropower. Without any CO2 emissions without nuclear power and without fossil fuels - even our grandchildren will be thankful and happy about that. For comparison: the average energy mix in Germany produces about 500g of CO2 per kWh of produced electricity. ESB green electricity is made up of 100% renewable energy. This produces no CO2 emissions or radioactive waste. Since June 2011, the green electricity from ESB is officially certified by the TÜV Nord CERT GmbH. Based on a comprehensive audit the TÜV Nord has confirmed that the certification requirements for green electricity from hydropower are met.


PVC windows are popular for their recycling ability. In theory, a cycle of product use and recycling can be repeated at least seven times without any influences on the raw materials or workmanship. In terms of recycling of fitted windows, doors and shutters made of PVC, we are dedicated to give these raw materials back to the recycling loop again and play our part in environmental conservation. ​

New windows

New windows - Climate protection with a perspective. This brand is the communicative brace for a clear positioning of the window. Old windows are energy gluttons - modern windows save heating costs and make an effective contribution to climate protection. In addition, the energetic renovation of buildings is funded by the State.

CO₂ neutral Website

Websites emits carbon (CO2) because visitors and servers hosting websites consume electricity. By participating in this voluntary initiative, websites help in various climate projects. This reduces the carbon emissions by more, than what is emitted by the websites.
The result is a positive effect on the climate!

Save CO₂

The PVC materials are used within a technically matured recycling process to a H-PVC-grinding stock or rather H-PVC-pellets. This H-PVC-raw material is then extruded into new window and building profiles.
These processed PVC-profile spare our environment approximately 90 % of CO2 compared to the primer PVC material. Therefore the recovered substance cycle is closed and a high quality recycling takes place. The reconditioning process meets the legal guidelines of the German Life-Cycle Resource Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz).

For our PVC Windows and Doors we only use Materials "Made in Germany".

Our windows carry the
CE-mark which indicates the conformity of the product
to the European guidelines.

Trendsetting hardware solutions offers high functionality and security.

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