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The German Children's Cancer Foundation

The German Children's Cancer Foundation helps children suffering from cancer, helps families with advice and information, supports them in financial distress, promotes and finances important research projects to improve the healing chances. And we as ISOGON are very happy to support this.

Alba Berlin Company Club

ISOGON is the official sponsor of the basketball team ALBA BERLIN, one of the most successful and popular basketball clubs in Germany.

Sport-Club JFK

ISOGON is the main sponsor of the JFK Rams TBall team.
The TBall Rams have made the 1st place in the indoor tournament 2015! Congratulations!

Berliner Sport Club (BSC)

Every year we equip athletic teams, such as the BSC basketball team with jerseys. The BSC was established in 1895 and calls itself the most "family-friendly club of Berlin“. This principle is very important also in the company ISOGON.

Athletics Club 07 e.V.

For over 100 years the Berlin Athletics Club 07 e.V. Berlin inspires with soccer at the highest level. ISOGON is an official sponsor of the Berlin
Athletics Club 07 e.V. Berlin.

German Cancer Aid (DKH)

The German Cancer Aid has the aim to fight cancer. With the presence of our Christmas cards at the German Cancer Aid, we support this non-profit organization. This organization is the largest citizens' action against cancer in Germany.

VFJ workshops

The VfJ workshops GmbH is an institution in Berlin that employs over 500 people with disabilities. We as a company always strive to maintain close cooperation and further expansion of this practice.

Bauhaus-University Weimar

The Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Bauhaus-University Weimar offers several courses of studies and fields of studies in which the students gain profound knowledge in the field of building industry. Of course it is in our interest to promote the young and new generation in the construction sector. Therefore the company ISOGON supports the freshmen students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at their start into the university life by providing them with equipment and information material.

DIE ARCHE - On the way for Germany's children

"Die Arche" (means = the ark) is active in ten locations in Germany, reaching over 2,000 children and adolescents. Child Poverty in Germany! "Die Arche" is fighting against it. In their facilities, they offer children a daily free of charge, nutrisious and hot meal, homework help, meaningful leisure activities, with sports and music, and give them a lot of attention. Because children need recognition for their self-confidence. They need to feel important and to be loved. In this country many children unfortunately do not experience that at home. The work of "Die Arche" is funded 100 percent by donations. The company ISOGON always strives to maintain and extend the close cooperation.

Organization World Vision Germany e.V.

World Vision is a Christian Children's Fund with the work focusing on sustainable development cooperation, humanitarian aid and development policy advocacy. The focus of our work are the children as the most vulnerable members, as well as the future bearer of a society. We help them and their environment with regional development projects. These include food security, health care, AIDS control, education and business promotion. Through consistent and ongoing involvement of all population groups, we gradually accomplish helping to help themselves.

Mondblume e.V.

"Promotion of youth welfare
Since 2009 „Mondblume e.V.“ is helping and supporting children and adolescents so they won't get excluded from cultural school events due to financial reasons. For this purpose „Mondblume e.V.“ runs fundraising at the request of the children or at the request of the schools to gain companies, institutions, associations, foundations and municipal constitutions as a sponsor, in order to reduce the costs of the event.

ISOGON supports „Mondblume e.V.“ so that children and adolescents have equal chances in participating in cultural events."

NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship)

NFTE has set for itself the goal of helping young people to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through an excellent mentoring and educational program. NFTE brings practical help for young people. This emphasis provides the foundation for strengthening Germany's position
in a global economy.

Cafe Geschmacklos of the HWR

At the Campus Schöneberg The Berlin School of Economics and Law students are in charge OF Café the "Café Geschmacklos", which is a student-run Café to supply their fellow students and professors.
The "Cafe Geschmacklos" is owned by the so-called KommFör e.V. of the HWR (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht) which is composed by members of the AstA and the Café as well as a representative of the School. However you only find students behind the counter of the "Café Geschmacklos" who want to make a contribution to the school and for the good of their fellow students that way.
The company ISOGON supports the "Café Geschmacklos" and the students by fitting the Café with token and gastronomic accouterments for the everyday school life. The Catering-Service of the "Café Geschmacklos", which serves durning exercises and feast is alsosponsored withaccouterments by the company ISOGON.

For our PVC Windows and Doors we only use Materials "Made in Germany".

Our website is CO₂-neutral.
Thereby we reduce the CO₂-emission.

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