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According to VDI 2078 (issued October 1994) the b-factor is known as the \\\"Shading Coefficient\\\". The ratio of the g-value of the respective glazing and the g-value of an insulating glass pane without coating describes the average transmittance factor „b“. The insulating glass pane generally has a g-value of 80%. For the calculation of the cooling load the transmittance factor \\\"b\\\" is one of the decisive values: (g = 0,80) : SC = g: 0,80. The \\\"Shading Coefficient\\\" is therefore termed a sunscreen effect measurement, compared to an uncoated insulating glass. 
Example: Slight shading = SC 0.9 (high shading coefficient)
Good shading SC = 0.3 (lower shading coefficient)

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Balcony doors The design and effect of a balcony door / patio door can be equated with a window, however, with a varied handle height.

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Bar (impost) The frame is transversely divided in the height with the bar, or also called impost, and is firmly attached to the frame of the window.
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Box-type window Box-type windows were developed at the end of the 18th Century and consist of two window frames that are mounted at a distance of e.g. 30 cm. Nowadays they are mainly used as sound proof windows and have a dB value of about 50 dB, used in hotels that were built near an airport.
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Breakage of glass Glass belongs to the category of brittle bodies and is regarded as a supercooled liquid. When exceeding the elastic limit, an excessive tension is built up. With glass, no significant plastic deformation occurs (as in metals), but instead it immediately breaks. The compressive stress in glass is much higher compared to the tensile strength, which accounts for only about one tenth of the compressive strength. Thermal and mechanical forces cause stresses in the glass which lead to breakage. Yet today's production qualities make sure that a glass breakage is caused only by external influences. Selective mechanical stresses, for example, arise with screwed cover strips, leading to local stress peaks and can increase the risk of glass breakage.
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Breathability Breathable means an air- and vapor-permeable fabric. The more solid the building material, the lower the breathability. Impervious materials are glass, metal and foil.

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Building Shutter Building shutters are fastened together with the windows on the window frame. Regardless of whether it is a prefabricated house or massive house the building shutters can be installed easily. This advanced roller shutter housing system can be opened on the room side and therefore is perfectly well suited for installation in new buildings.
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Bullet resistant glazing/C-glazing During the inspection the sample glass is fired at three times. For this purpose a fixed distance from one another is observed. The resistance classes are identified by C1 to C5 and are also differed between "splinter-free" (SF) and "splintering" (SA).
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We`re processing for our PVC Windows exclusively Quality Profiles from Schüco.

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