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How to maintain the window right?

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Energy Conservation Ordinance (EnEV)
The Energy Conservation Ordinance (EnEV) belongs to the energy savings and climate protection policy of the federal government and became effective on the 1st of February 2002. It ensures increased energy savings in buildings and thus relieves the environment. It summarizes the previous requirements of thermal insulation regulations and of the heating system regulations and thus sets new standards for energy savings. Compared to today's standards the energy demand for new buildings is reduced by about 30%. In the future the low-energy house standard is going to be the standard. Other energy improvements are planned especially for structural alterations or renewal of the heating system. As evidence an "energy performance certificate" will be introduced. For building owners, tenants and the property market, this means a significantly improved transparency. Here the basis is formed by the total energy demand of a new building. This includes heating, ventilation and water heating. The builders are expected to solely implement measures that by the energy-cost savings will fully amortize in the foreseeable future. Standardized calculations of independent reports confirmed this. In addition, it is up to the builders and planners how they produce these energy standards, whether by building or plant engineering measures or through greater use of renewable energies.
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Energy Performance Certificate In general, neither the buyer nor the tenant knows about their energy needs in comparison to cars and household appliances. The European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings obliges all Member States to introduce an energy performance certificate for buildings. In a field trial between November 2003 until the end of 2004 the Energy Performance Certificate from the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena) was tested. Together with the ministries BMWi and BMVBS, dena carries out a campaign to prepare the market for the introduction. In this context, the possibility already exists at the present time to voluntarily issue energy performance certificates for buildings. This informs the consumer and shows potential savings. Moreover, it is possible that energetic qualities of houses can be compared easily. In the future it should be as natural to promote energy efficiency in real estate ads as it already is common for refrigerators and washing machines, as is the goal of dena.
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Exterior blinds An exterior blind is placed directly in front of the window or on the facade.

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Exterior venetian blinds The installation of exterior blinds can influence not only the brightness but also the climate of homes, apartment buildings and houses. Exterior blinds offer intervisibility from the inside out but also provide a privacy shield from outside to inside. They are offered in various colors and designs.

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Exterior window sill Exterior window sills are either made of aluminium or stone. The incline (>= 5°), the overhang of the facade (>= 30 mm, recommended are 40 mm), as well as the soffit supply on the side or the sealing are of great importance. An additional mounting using brackets for the window sill is required for an outreach of over 150 mm.

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Extrusion The manufacturing process for PVC window profiles and roller shutters is called extrusion. For this, a PVC granulate is mixed and by heating a viscous mass is produced. Afterwards this mixture is pressed through a tool mold under extreme pressure and after cooling takes its final shape permanently.
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