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IFT Rosenheim
The Institute for Window Technology Rosenheim (IFT) accompanies the windows, facades and doors industry as an independent institute since 1966 and answers questions concerning standardization, product development and quality, along with approvals, examinations and survey reports. 
You can find the IFT Rosenheim at: http://www.ift-rosenheim.de/
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Impact resistant glazing / A-glazing Impact resistant laminated glazing is considered a special form and is classified as A-Class. Based on a 4110 gram metal ball, dropped upon the inspection window from different heights, the resistance is tested. A 1 (drop height 3.5 m) = low impact resistance, A 2 (drop height 6.5 m) = medium impact resistance, and A 3 (drop height 9.5 m) = high impact resistance.
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Insulating Glass Insulating glass has been manufactured for over 60 years. In the DIN 1259 part 2 the official definition has been set:
A multi-pane insulating glass is a glazing unit produced of two or more panes of glass (window glass, mirror glass, cast glass, flat glass) that are separated by one or more air or gas filled spaces. At the edges the panes are air or gas or moisture proof connected by organic sealing compounds. In the closed space between the panes is not a vacuum, as is often mistakenly assumed, but dry air or special gas. For structural reasons a vacuum is not yet possible.
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Interferences Float glass panes have an ideal plane parallelism. In certain lighting conditions, however, physically induced optical phenomena can appear, that becomes noticeable by rainbow-like spots, straps or rings. With pressure on the pane they can change their position. Interferences are unterstood to be physically induced refraction and superposition phenomena that occur whenever two or more float glass panes are arranged in a row. This type of interference is considered a distinction of the float glass quality.
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Internal window sills The connection of the window sill to the soffit should be noted when sealing indoors. Interior window sills should not be placed over heaters in a way that a disturbance in the heat circulation occurs.
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