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Laminated safety glass
In the manufacture of laminated safety glass one or more highly elastic, transparent foils made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) are placed between two or more glass panes and stay tightly close-knit. The laminated safety glass bonds glass splinter, i.e. when glass breaks the glass fragments adhere to the foil. Therefore no sharp-edged glass pieces get loose, which minimizes the risk of injury. This foil also reduces the penetration of the total glass surface so that the security is increased significantly.

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Light transmission Light transmittance is the directly transmitted, visible portion of the radiation and is in the wavelength range from 380 nm to 780 nm of visible light refered to the light sensitivity of the human eye. The value is always expressed in percentage and is influenced by the glass thickness. Slight variations are quite possible  due to the different iron oxide content. Float glass as a single glass pane has a light transmittance of 90% in the visible spectral range. Insulating glass without coating and consisting of two float glass panes has a light transmittance of about 82%. Depending on the coating the thermal protection insulating glass has a light transmittance of 73% - 77%. As a benchmark, a non-glazed wall opening would be at 100%.
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Lock facing By the means of this profile which is attached to the sash, the window is not visibly divided into several parts. It belongs to the window sash and is opened with that. Since it is not fixed, it is also known as a "loose post". From the outside, this construction gives the appearance of an impost and beam construction and there is the possibility to manufacture two or more sash windows with and without post. At areas of about 150 cm width a post as the sash stopper should be taken into consideration for the stability. However, narrow windows as a lock facing construction, appear more attractive with their slim in the middle.
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