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Minergie Window
In the calculation of the Uw-value of the Passive House Institute, a window size of 1.23 m to 1.48 m (outer frame measurements) is taken as the standard measure. For the certification of minergie windows, window outer dimensions of 1.75 m to 1.3 m and Uw-values, which are not higher than 1.0 W/m²K with Ug=0.7 W/m²K are necessary.
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Mounting anchor There are new demands on the load transfer and fixing when installing windows. Adjustable mounting anchors for window installations are now used in insulated walls.
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Multifuntional glass Multifunctional glass offers thermal protection and meets additional requirements for increased sound and burglary protection and bullet resistance. For physical or technological reasons, they cannot have the same thermal protection, as it is the case for glass products, which only fulfill the function of thermal protection.
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