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The masonry below the window opening is called the parapet.

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Patterned glass Windows that are translucent on one side, but not completely transparent are referred to as patterned glass. Depending on the type of glass it can be determined if a person moves behind the glass, mostly we only see the silhouette. Therefore the patterned glass is mainly used for bathroom or toilet windows.
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Penetration resistant glazing/B-glazing Part 3 of the DIN standard 52290 divides window glazing into three resistance categories against penetration. B1 to B3 with increasing degree of safety. It is tested with an ax machine (with a 2-pound ax), which is used to determine the impact rate, that is needed required to hit a 400 mm x 400 mm big penetration hole in the sample glass (110 cm x 90 cm).
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Pivoting window With a pivoting window the pivot point of the opening is centered to the horizontal. That way the sash below opens to the outside and above opens to the inside. Since the seal in the area of the fitting is interrupted, this type of window is never completely tight, but it can be produced with large sash dimensions. Their previous use was primarily in public buildings.
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Porthole The porthole is a design generally used in shipbuilding, as a circular shape and also is referred to as the round window. However this type of window can be incorporated as side-hung only or tilt only window. A combination of both variants is not technically feasible.

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Post In the width dimension the frame is divided by the post (vertical). The post (dibble) and the window frame are firmly connected.
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PU foam Another insulating material used between window and masonry is PU foam (polyurethane). As an alternative, mineral wool may also be used.
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PVC windows PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is most commonly used as material for plastic windows, because it is malleable under the influence of temperature, i.e. Thermoplastic. Injection molding and the extrusion process (extrusion) are the most common applications for the production of window profiles.
Due to its thermoplastic properties various shapes can be manufactured: from a simple rectangular frame over round arches to geometrically complex shapes. Due to the advanced materials and technologies a more specific sound and thermal insulation and also a lasting functional reliability can be ensured.
They have a high structural-physical quality, require little maintenance and have low maintenance costs. Plastics protect against corrosion, different types of acids, alkalis and detergents as well as exhaust gases. Moreover, they are both light-and color-fast and do not require paint for their durability.
PVC windows are available in wood decor and many color coatings according to RAL.
There are various coatings possible on both the outside and the inside. Through the use of foils and coatings on the surface, the quality of the surface of PVC windows is attained.

The quality of PVC windows is especially characterized by the inner life of the frame profiles. In general, PVC windows consist of multi chamber hollow profiles on the inside. These have outward openings over the antechamber to derive water that accrues.

It is common in the PVC window and door area to reinforce the windows by using steel profiles in the frame profiles and sash profiles. This is particularly recommended and should be performed on a profile with a length of 800 mm and above. There are various profile systems, e.g. offset surface, flush and semi-surface staggered profile systems.

Plastic windows are environmentally friendly and can be reused and thus represent a closed recycling loop.
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