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Rain rail
The rain rail is attached at the bottom of the window frame outside the window.
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RAL “RAL” stands for the German "Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen" (State Commission for Delivery Terms). The task of the RAL, the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Designation e.V., St. Augustin, is to ensure the high quality of products and services.
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RAL assembly A RAL assembly has been awarded the RAL quality mark and describes the installation services to be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the RAL quality Assurance Association.
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RAL colors Shades of the RAL colors are clearly identified by a number and are the benchmark for coloring. They serve as a color original and also meet the color requirements according to DIN EN.
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RAL quality mark windows RAL quality mark windows
The RAL quality mark for windows is awarded in recognition of compliance with the provisions of the RAL community of goods during production. Thus the end customer has the security that this is a high quality product.
For further information please contact:
Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Haustüren e.V. 

Walter-Kolb-Straße 1 - 7

60594 Frankfurt am Main

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RAL windows RAL windows have been awarded the RAL quality mark. The RAL Quality Mark is awarded only when all requirements and specifications of the RAL Quality Assurance Association are met.
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Rated sound insulation index Rw The sound insulation index Rw of a component depends on the frequency and amounts to building acoustics in a range from 100 Hz to 3150 Hz. Ten times the logarithmic ratio of the incident sound power – P1 – for radiating sound power – P2 – is marked with Rw. Therefore a sound insulation of 10 dB represents a halving of the noise.

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Reinforcement This means the strengthening or stiffening of profiles by means of steel or aluminum profiles by screwing. On the final window the reinforcement is no longer visible.

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Roller shutter The roller shutter has been established as a privacy shield. It consists of a lamellar profile (e.g., PVC, aluminum, wood or steel), can be single-walled or double-walled and can be equipped with or without light and ventilation slots. In double-walled profiles you have a thermal insulation and an insert that stiffens the lamellas. Nowadays, roller shutters are available in many different colors and can beathe new life into a rather boring facade. There are the following models:
  • top mounted shutters
  • new building shutters
  • front mounted shutters

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Roller shutter housing The roller shutter curtain is attached between the shutter rails, which are in the roller shutter case. The material of the curtain and the casing can be PVC or aluminum.
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Roller shutter rails The rails for roller shutters are either attached to the masonry or directly to the window frame and ensure a stable flow of the roller shutter curtain over windows or doors. The intake funnels are generally located at the upper end.
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Round arched window Round arched windows are usually rounded or bent at the upper end. Wood production of such elements is extremely challenging and pricey.
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Our windows carry the
CE-mark which indicates the conformity of the product
to the European guidelines.

Awarded with the "German Design Award" for innovative product design.

Entrance door panels - first class quality and easy-care longevity.

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