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What's glass made up of?

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What's the DIN V18054?

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Safety glass
There are two types of safety glass: laminated safety glass and single-pane safety glass. Laminated safety glass has a foil that in case of breakage makes sure that the broken glass remains adhered to the foil. Safety glass reduces injuries and also ensures protection against burglary. Compared to conventional float glass panes, safety glazing is more complex and therefore highly priced. A variety of standards and regulations regulates the compulsory use of safety glass in Germany. The TRAV is such a standard and stands for the general rules for accident-proof glazing. The regulations take effect as soon as there is a fall-off height of about one meter. TRAV is a combination of single-pane safety glass and laminated safety glass.
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Sash The sash (window sash) is connected to the window frame, is movable and can be tilted and turned.
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Sash cover profile For drainage of rain water a sash cover profile is applied externally on the sash.
Sash cover profiles are available in different colors: EV1 = silver anodised and white and bronze = C33 and C34.
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Seal for windows It is important to ensure that the separation of the indoor and outdoor climate by the seal is always vapour diffusions proof. The middle separation situated between the window frame and the house wall has to be filled with thermal insulating material. The outer seal serves as a weather protection. This must be resistant to driving rain and permeable for vapour diffusion. The following materials may be used for sealing: A vapour-proof foil (in old buildings can be used a permanently elastic material for the inner seal), PUR foam (1- components-PUR-foam) or mineral wool can be used for the middle seal as an alternative filler. Both precompressed sealing tapes and vapor permeable foil can be used for the outer seal. According to current guidelines, careful sealing of the window is essential, so subsequent faults are minimized. The seals must be tighter on the inside than on the outside.

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Segmental Aach The segmental arch at a window is measured from the heights on the left, right and the middle and has a diameter of less than 180°. In the window construction segmental arches are often used for renovation purposes, however, they are very costly to manufacture and therefore more expensive than conventional windows.
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Self-cleaning glass This new type of glass has a self-cleaning feature, which depends on both UV radiation and water (rain water) to do so. The pyrolytic coating on the glass surface is weather resistant, durable and has a clear-transparent elevation and transparency at a slightly higher light reflection outside. They are mainly used for exterior window glazing, facades and conservatories. The side with the coating is always on the weather side.
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Service specifications for windows The architect is responsible for the creation of service specifications for windows, which are then subsequently processed and priced by the window supplier.
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Silk-screen printing Single-pane safety glass has an enamel layer silk-screen printing applied to the back, which is scratch resistant, acid resistant and light resistant and adherence resistant (according to the durability of ceramic enamel colors). Silk-screen printed glass must be stored in a dry place before the assembly.

Silk-screen printing glass is available in various RAL color and versions. In silk-screen printing you have the possibility of applying four different colors on the glass. Even etching shades like etching shade can be realized in color. However, no purple/violet colors are available.

A special printing technique also allows almost identical, multi-colored designs on both sides. Colored and photo-realistic images can be printed on scratch-proof glass. Silk-screen printing is commonly used on float glass. White glass achieves an optimal adjustment of shades to one of the color systems and has a great color brilliance. Especially bright colors can be reproduced well. A selection of the color should not only be done by the color map, because the colored glass surface may leave a different impression of color (e.g. inherent color of the glass and reflection). A sampling can be performed as a support.
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Single-pane safety glass Single-pane safety glass, manufactured in a special process, is impact resistant and can withstand ball throws and hammer blows. It is thermally pre-stressed, which is achieved by heat treatment of the glass. A single-pane safety glass in the manufacturing process is uniformly heated up to about 600° C and quickly cooled by blowing cold air (quenching). With single-pane safety glass the outer surfaces toward the core are under compressive stress while the actual core is under tensile stress. It is important to ensure that there is equilibrium of stresses between both. Otherwise, a stress condition would not be guaranteed.

Single-pane safety glass also has the following positive characteristics:

  • Increased flexural strength of 50 N/mm compared to 30 N/mm of float glass
  • Increased shock and impact resistance - according to DIN 52 337 (pendulum impact test)
  • An increased thermal shock resistance of 150 K compared to 40 K of normal float glass

  • Single-pane safety glass may also be supplied with patterned glass
It is important to ensure that the drill holes and cutouts are executed before the final curing.
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Site measuring on windows The exact site measuring can be based upon the execution plans or locally to determine the performed work and associated construction costs accurately. The preparation of the measurements in an old building for example also include window sills or roller shutter elements. However, there is the possibility to take the measure of the raw opening as a basis and just subtract 15 – 20 mm from the width and the height in the case of on old building (10 mm in new buildings) to define the extent.

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Sliding windows A sliding window consists of at least one opening sash and a fixed glazing, whererat the opening sash slides sideways in front of the fixed glazing. Thus large widths can also be equipped with a two-piece window.
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Soffit A Soffit is the vertical part (left and right side) of the window opening in the wall (see structural connections).
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Sound insulation The gap between the panes has a direct influence on the sound insulation; thus the sound insulation value is higher the larger the distance between the panes, since low frequencies result in a shift in the cavity resonance. However a great gap between panes also leads to a deterioration of the thermal insulation properties of the window.
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Sound proof The generic term “structural sound proof” includes measures that ensure a reduction of outgoing sound transmission from a sound source outside or inside a building. Structural sound proof is one of the most important aspects of quality evaluation of a house or an apartment. The provided minimum sound insulation between unrelated areas of use is determined by the building regulations in accordance to DIN 4109 and are to be observed. The supplement 2 to DIN 4109 or VDI guideline 4100 provide further proposals, which must be agreed separately. There are also defined suggestions for sound proof in particular areas of use.
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Sound proof levels The sound insulation for windows is divided into six levels. The decisive value here is the evaluated sound instulation index. The proof that a window belongs to one of those levels is provided by official test certificates.

SSK 1=25-29 db
for residential roads with 10-50 cars per hour and more than 35 m distance between house and street

SSK 2=30-34 db
for residential roads with 10-50 cars per hour and 26-35 m distance between house and street

SSK 3=35-42 db
for residential streets with 50-200 vehicles per hour and 26-35 m distance between house and street

SSK 4=43-48 db
for major roads 1000-3000 vehicles per hour and 100-300 m distance between house and street

SSK 5=49-52 db
for major roads 1000-3000 vehicles per hour and 36-1000 m distance between house and street

SSK 6=53 db
for highways with 3000-5000 vehicles per hour and less than 100 m distance between house and street.

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Splinter adhesion Laminated safety glass is made of at least two glass panes. These are then connected by a high-strength plastic foil that can safely absorb the broken glass pieces of glass breakage. Safety glass is used as protection against burglary and as a deterrent to occasional offenders. It is also available in a high-quality burglar resistant glazing according to VdS loss prevention.
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Stainless steel spacer Unlike aluminum or steel, stainless steel has an extremely low thermal conductivity. In combination with a small wall thickness the heat conduction is reduced.
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Sun protection Blinds, exterior blinds, roller shutters as well as awnings can be used as sun protection.
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Sun protection glass Sun protection insulating glass has a high light transparency, yet at the same time lets very little total energy pass through, since a very thin coating of precious metal lays in the gap between the panes. Double constructure sun protection glass with U-values up to 1.1 W/m²K (according to DIN EN 673) meets all requirements for high thermal insulating glazing. The sun protection type is indicated by the color from the outside and the pair of values specifying light transmission and the overall energy transmittance percentagewise (the value determination is partly made according to DIN 67507). Sun protection glass has a wide range of colors and color-neutral types making it versatile.

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